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Flex Desk

15 €/day - 100 €/month
Excluding VAT

The flexible place to grow your projects in a community of start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs, flex desk

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My Desk

from 160 to 250 €/month
Excluding VAT

Your personal area in an open space: desk, drawers, locker and bookcase to accessorise however you like

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Team Room

from 600 €/month
Excluding VAT

A private space, perfect for work teams of up to 10 people, inside a structure that’s always in motion.

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Toolbox is the ideal place to hold your events. Contact us and we’ll arrange the best formula together.


Toolbox: people and work, right from the start

Located in an ex-foundry built at the beginning of the 20th century, Toolbox Coworking is a creative hub dedicated to work: 8000 square metres, plus 150 different businesses, more than 400 members, comprised of freelancers and professionals, start-ups and businesses, all under the same roof, with the same mindset open to collaboration and the same entrepreneurial attitude.

A space for innovation, which promotes collaboration, serendipity and a cross-disciplinary approach, an authentic platform to convey shape to new business ideas, expand your professional network, and strengthen your projects.

A calendar of over 300 events a year, Fablab Torino, the open source digital fabrication workshop and maker space, Print Club Torino, the collaborative printing and graphic experimentation lab, Casa Jasmina, the apartment dedicated to the Internet of Things and Open Source design, and STEAM² Lab, the project that experiments the use of robotics in art, architecture and design, make Toolbox the ideal space in which to work, do business and create relationships.

You think about working, we’ll take care of the rest

  • Welcome desk
  • Lounge and relax areas
  • Online booking and payment of spaces and services
  • Shared printers
  • Internet connection with symmetric guaranteed bandwith 1 Gpbs
  • HVAC
  • Daily cleaning and maintenance of all spaces
  • Shared kitchen
  • Purified, cold, sparkling or still water
  • Indoor cycle garage and cycle workshop for small repairs
  • Mailbox and parcel acceptance
  • Privacy pod for telephone and skype calls
  • Mac assistance
  • Yoga classes for coworker

Flex Desk

Work on your new project in absolute freedom. In the Launchpad, you and your laptop, at the table or on the steps, immersed in a network of ideas and projects, close to the coffee break and lounge areas. 
Discounts on use of meeting rooms.

Opening hours: 

Monday/Friday - 8.00/22.00

My Desk

Your desk in an open space to customise however you like so that everything you need is always on hand: drawers, locker and bookcase, wired network and, with MyToolbox, you can renew your membership and book rooms and printouts directly online. 
Package of 5 or 10 hours of use of meeting rooms included.

Opening hours: 

Monday/Friday - 8.00/22.00
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Team Room

Different sized offices with the all-inclusive formula, perfect for work teams of up to 10 people, ready immediately or customizable to suit your needs. Internal carpark, also available with access 24/7. 
Discounts on use of meeting rooms.

Opening hours: 

Monday/Friday - 8.00/22.00
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meeting rooms

At Toolbox there’s a place for every meeting, from Small for 2 people to the Large for 25 participants. Pick the space you prefer for the time you need and, if you are one of our co-workers, receive discounts on our standard rates and manage your bookings online from MyToolbox.

Up to 4 persons

8 €/h - 45 €/d

8/10 persons

12 €/h - 72 €/d

12/14 persons

30 €/h - 120 €/d


keynote room

Perfect for debates, keynote speeches, workshops, presentations and press conferences: customised configuration, three maxi screens, audio system, whiteboard, wi-fi, certified acoustics, coffee break space, welcome desk.



The post-industrial space for creative workshops, brainstorming and presentations: configuration, maxi screen with video projector, audio system, wi-fi, welcome desk.

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Common spaces

Ideas circulate and multiply, especially in places where they are free to move. At Toolbox you’ll find lots of common spaces, ideal for chatting, reading the newspaper, making a phone call, meeting new people, and eating with other co-workers.